Posted by: reignlight | April 16, 2007

Like Sands Through Time…

Once again, we’re reminded at how fragile life actually is. First the Twin Towers collapsing on 9/11 and earlier today we have a school shooting of unprecedented magnitude in the US. Without a moments notice, helpless life vanishes from the planet. Surely such things happen frequently in other societies yet we are none the wiser since our American culture tends to focus only on what impacts us or what we might care about, selfishly. We’re not about to bombard our senses with images of starving children in the African Continent or suicide bombings in Israel. If this were to dare happen, our consciences might feel pricked or the liberal media would not be able to enforce their agenda (ex: forcing Muslim teachings into our educational system, while screaming separation of church/state anytime something remotely Christian surfaces).

For once, we need to peer through the haze to look deep inside ourselves. How are we living this life that’s been given to us? Are we using the limited time we have on ourselves or for the Glory of God? For those who choose not to acknowledge God in their minds, how then are we treating those around us, people we care and love the most? We are surrounded with so many distractions, the internet being one of them, that we run the deadly risk of letting our love grow cold.

Just the other night, my wives’ 15 year old cousin got kicked out of her house for becoming pregnant with her boyfriend who is 16. Her parents seriously lack in the determination and fortitude for taking care of their daughter that she had nowhere else to run but into the arms of someone else who cared for her. Her step-father (first sign) treats her like trash, giving her the worst kind of verbal abuse imaginable, calling her names fit for no one I can think of. She is worthless in his eyes, apparently. He would rather fill his time playing computer games than to lift a finger to model what a mature caring father figure should be, let alone model what a mature adult even looks like. *sorry I’m fuming, here* At least this boy cares enough to give her some quality time of his, perhaps not beneficial in the long run, but nonetheless. Now she’s been kicked out of the house, to likely live with her grandmother or her aunt.

How should these parents react? They should model and reflect the love of Christ that offers grace and forgiveness to those who make mistakes. This could have come first by offering her an environment at home that’s safe for a child that can foster open lines of communication between parent and child. Clearly they failed in this area, so they helped to reap the results. The mother could have started by standing up for her child in some fashion by getting rid of her new husband that apparently means more to her than the well being of her child. (ack, I don’t advocate divorce but they should separate until he can learn to properly parent) My wife and I plan on having her over at our house occasionally, if not to receive a peers perspective on what lies ahead of her.

Where are we headed next as a nation, as a society, and a world community? I predict we’ll see less freedom as individuals. illogical forms of legislation will continue to pass in our nation causing our apathy to only grow stronger. This can be clearly seen in our mid-term elections. In the State of Oregon, where I live, the people easily re-elected Ted Kulongoski back into office when the most liberal Newspaper in the State, ‘The Oregonian’ stood in defiance of one of their own. All it takes is a few slick ads on TV toward the end of an election and thousands of voters falling asleep at the wheel. This is a perfect example of how we’ve let the few elite in our nation decide what’s best for the rest of us in the country. Look at Bush’s re-election figures, only the biggest most metropolitan places in the country voted for John Kerry while the small town folk in tightly knit communities voted primarily for Bush. In other words, those who live in heavily populated areas fall more susceptible to persuasion than others while when given the chance to use discernment and those with genuine Godly conviction voted with their heart and conscience. We’ve left the 10 Commandments at the door perhaps just these past 30 years, yet we’ve reaped the whirlwind for our consequences. To think that these are merely the beginning of our troubles that we face ahead in our nation. No wonder countries in Europe laugh at us, for we cannot even stand on our own two feet to fight for something that we believe in strongly. Part of this problem is apathy again, we feel that we’ll have no effect. Take New Jersey for example: select judicial figures allowed same sex unions in their state against the will and knowledge of the people. They had to do this due to the fact that 85-90% of the population is fully against passing any such laws favoring rights to homosexuals. Why we would consider giving rights to people who exercise their choice of preference is beyond me, yet instead their try to classify such abhorrent choices as racial or hate-based discrimination so the undiscerning public would fall for such laws. This happens time and time again in our country, yet many are duped because we choose to let others think on our behalf.

To those who trust the media to tell us the truth need to think again and look behind the scenes at the bigger picture. What is our nation telling us??? The war in Iraq…. The newscasters say: it’s wrong, let’s pull out the troops… Gun Control?? Get rid of them, guns kill too many people. The Illegal Immigration Problem??? Let’s give them amnesty and working privileges… we’ll tell them we’re tightening the borders when in actuality we have no plans to do so. Health Care?? Let’s centralize it and give free care to the poor and destitute in society, by taxing the people (see Canada for the fall-out) Let’s give benefits to same sex couples and let them share our bathrooms and take jobs in religious places of employment (Senate Bill 2 & House Bill 2007). Yes to criminalize the rights and beliefs of people of faith, particularly Christians, because this side of heaven they can generally get away with it. Any other faith and people would be in an uproar ( such as Muslims over the cartoon scandal & comments make by the new pope) , yet we remain passive and allow our national freedoms to be taken from us, piece by piece ever so slowly until we wake up one day and realize we are no longer in America. Let’s not be ignorant to think our rights aren’t being taken from us against our will, it’s happening NOW as we SPEAK. Real ID Act?? In the name of security against terrorism? How naive are we to think we can ever be protected against an enemy we cannot see? We will one day live in a world dependent upon our government for what we have, and that will be to live in a lifeless prison we call Earth.



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