Posted by: reignlight | August 31, 2006

…Pray without ceasing

Yesterday, I felt the urge to pray on behalf on those who are being persecuted for standing for the truth of the Gospel, as is no longer common here in the States. Slice of Laodicea asked for believers to intercede on behalf of people who speak out in particular, against the Emergent Church but also to the Purpose-Driven paradigm and any other false teaching that’s infiltrated the church. To my surprise, Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries chose to share my prayer on the site for others to be encouraged. You can view the post here … or for those less inclined you may also view it below ( but I strongly recommend viewing their site on a daily basis for general info of what to expect in our churches today).

Lord God, I thank You for making all that exists in creation. Yes, this is for Your good pleasure. Thank You for birthing me in a time and place that is not like Noah in his day, one full of complete depravity and great wickedness. One day this Earth of Yours will be reshaped to remove the stain of sin us evil men have brought upon this place. You are so Holy, so righteous, all knowing and all powerful. I can never truly grasp Your greatness and I’m thankful for that.

Lord, forgive me for not granting You the time and honor You deserve. Bring to me a complete understanding of Your will for my life. You know my struggles Lord, and I ask You to help me with these things so that I can be a true and faithful servant to You. Help me to keep a reverent fear of You in my mind and heart so that I do not turn away from You.

Now I ask that You be with Your church as we struggle to find our place in this world. Lord You know what lies ahead for each and every one of us. May we honor and glorify You completely with our lives, as only You are worthy. God I pray that you will raise up pastors, ministers, evangelists and others who are fearless in taking Your message of salvation to the lost. We ask that thousands of people will be reached for Your sake and Your name. May we be willing to face the fiercest of persecution to reach others on Your behalf.

We pray for divine protection on ministries such as Slice and Apprising, as well as others like Lighthouse Trails and Olive Tree Ministries. God cover them with Your mighty hand and use them for all You are capable of. Multiply the numbers of souls that come to them for answers, and may they only direct those into Your presence. Grant them courage and strength as they stand boldly to defend Your Holy Name. May Your Spirit rebuke and exhort the body to examine itself so they walk in Your truth. May Your Word be to us as a shield and a sword to strike down the works of the enemy.

Let signs and wonders be shown among Your people to magnify Your Glory. Give us places of worship so that we can congregate for true fellowship and to feed the body. Strike down the idols we have placed in our lives that keep us from seeking Your face. May our works be as a sweet aroma at Your throne. Let our lives shine to reflect You so that people will come to us for answers and that we may lead them to You. May we stand only on Your Word in these days we face ahead.


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