Posted by: reignlight | August 28, 2006

What day is it??

As I well know, there are many popular blogs online that are updated on a daily basis. Mine however is one that receives posts only when I take the time to do so. Sadly, this was never my intent for this site or for anything I do online. When I take the effort to do anything online, it is usually done with passion at least if anything to keep myself informed on current happenings in the church. Right now, I still do not have web access from home so until my wife and I have kids and she’s able to work from home then my posts will generally be journal entries from my personal time with the Lord. Yes, it’s been nearly a month since my last entry and hopefully, God willing, this will not be the usual pattern.

These past few weeks I’ve greatly enjoyed the fellowship of two men from the Congo who decided to make our church their home. They are both very zealous for the Lord and his body. They are not tainted with our materialistic ways in the US, and they will not compromise their message to please the ears of men. When we sit around and discuss God and the church, they practically burst inside and cannot contain their passion and holy anger against the sinfulness they see. They do nothing but encourage me to live the life Jesus has called me to live as one of His children. Even in describing this, I am stunned to think that we have not yet deviated into silly interests or distractions of the world. Our talks are filled with thoughts of God from beginning to end, which I believe is very rare to find these days. Right now they are like kindred spirits to my own and I would rather do NOTHING else than to be with them and to minister to one another. Apart from my wife, they are who I want to spend my time with most. They are like myself in many ways, except they’ve preached in front of congregations and have an amazing prayer life. Sooo, how are they anything like me? Well, we enjoy discussing the ills and pitfalls in our modern churches and will do what it takes to speak out against such trash that has overtaken our congregations. Far too many individuals have fallen for the trap of claiming the name of Christ without listening to what He says must be done on His behalf if we are to be found as true christians when He returns to Earth. we are as wheat amidst a field of tares or as live fish caught up in the net along with decaying fish. With this tide surrounding us, will we end up like salt tossed aside as not good for seasoning? Will Jesus truly find faith on the Earth at His return? We can no longer straddle the top of the fence expecting to live a Christian life. By doing this, we are merely lukewarm and will be spit out of the body of Christ by the Lord Himself. We must stand up and fight for what we have left, lest our lampstand be removed from its place. We must turn from our sins and cling to Jesus with all that we have within us if we expect to stand in the darkness which is quickly settling in around us. Do we truly expect that God will keep this people from being refined in the fire for purification? Our testing is to make ouselves pure in His presence, and to prove our faithfulness before Him. Not just this but it will rid the body of dissention, grumbling and idleness and all things that offend.


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