Posted by: reignlight | July 27, 2006

Reaching out…

Recently I’ve wondered what would be the best way to confront a friend or family member regarding their belief in a false doctrine or line of Chrsitian thought such as being involved in the word of faith or purpose-driven movements. Sometimes lovingly bringing up issues like these can be difficult to address if you don’t approch it in the correct manner. I for one am often too proud to admit a mistake I make. It’s more natural to pawn off an error on another individual or to cast blame on my upbringing if I were to falter in some way. How much harder is it to admit that you’ve been duped into believing something that’s completely false? However, this kind of confrontation is necessary if we truly wish to see our loved ones who are deceived enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

I think a great way to do this is to admit our own failings before dealing with those of another person. This helps to neutralize any barriers that someone might put up when they’re given such a bitter pill to swallow. I could say something like, ” You know ___ , a while ago I was reading ‘The Bible Code’ and I saw how these hidden messages were being revealed in scripture. It even showed how 9-11 was prophesied way ahead of its time when deciphered in a biblical passage. For a while, I actually believed this to be true and even felt that the world would come to an end as spoken of in this book. What I learned, however, was that these kind of messages could also be discovered in other books such as ‘Moby Dick’ when applied through this same deciphering process. You know what? Something else is happening in the church right now and its taking place in many churches, even your own.”

As you can see from this example, a conversation like this can easily open up an environment to where both parties can discuss the issue without feeling as though they were personally being attacked. You may have to continue by addressing your point from the first person perspective on occasion but I feel that this approach would be pretty successful iwhen you or I need to bring up this matter. We also may need to give a few examples of this taking place and bring up how particular teachers stray away from the truths of the Gospel message.


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