Posted by: reignlight | July 24, 2006

Clouded thoughts…

Lately I’ve been busy spending time researching online various aspects of the modern church movement in America. With this in mind, I felt the need to restart the blog I left behind these past few months. Overall I wasn’t satisfied with the general options given to me while using Blogger so I chose to begin afresh here on WordPress. This seems to allow a much greater level of flexability and it also presents a fresher look altogether.

While doing research on ‘seeker sensitive’ leaders, I discovered a few sites that offered a limitless wealth of information to anyone who might be curious as to what trends are sweeping though the modern churches of today. Most of my free times has been spent listening to podcasts of christian radio programs as well as reading numerous articles on the seeker movement along with discovering the Emergent [emerging] church and what it entails.

The scary fact is how deeply these deceptive teachings have seeped into our churches today. This is not just taking place in the US, but has successfully found its footing in churches worldwide. I can think of many people who would not be able to point out these doctrines as false, due to their subtle nature of either adding to or distorting scriptural truths within their adopted teachings. They will, however, claim to stand for the fundamental doctrines we hold to as Christians. We must do our part to expose their heretical philosophies to hold true to the faith that was once for all delivered to us by God in His Word. If we merely dismiss this wave coming into our churches then we will eventually fall prey to its grip, if we have not unwittingly done so already.


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