Posted by: reignlight | April 8, 2006

Thoughts on WOTM Radio

To continue from yesterday, I think that Todd and his guests on Way of the Master Radio use effective illustrations when witnessing to unbelievers. Parabolic stories can really assist in helping people see their need for Christ as their Savior and Lord. I think we do need to be careful to explain the meaning of an illustration to most hearers however, and also be wary not to water down our message in fear of doing more harm than good when talking with someone.

Our churches today harden the hearts of their listeners all too often, likely without their knowledge in doing so. There was a comment during a radio break on the show a few days ago that mentioned how most of us Christians have already latched onto some form of false new age teaching without realizing it ourselves. The man then went on to say that those of us who deny falling into false teaching often use the defense of not knowing what the new age is all about. This in itself shows our ignorance on the matter and how much we need to be on guard against such things.

Before I continue, let me first say that I’m not out to bash anyone personally in what they believe but I’m looking out for the best interest of the true Church as a whole. In the New testament we find many examples of certain individuals being stated by name as being false teachers. This was for the physical and spiritual protection of the Church, which I feel is a Godly example to follow. A few days ago, on the WOTM Radio, a certain man discussed many false teachings of the american church today. He described how churches who follow modern growth methods are caught up in using basic business principles to establish the size and economic prosperity of these churches. Robert Schuller was mentioned as the primary founder of this movement, and now many modern day pastors of our day have adopted his techniques. The scary fact is that he mentioned how many congregations actually pressure their leaders to adopt this successful method of growth. Basically, statistics are gathered from the surrounded community where these churches are based. Apparently this is drawn from the affluent cross section of these cities [hard to know the truth of that statement]. Anyhow, those questioned generally are unbelievers who have not attended church throughout their lives. They are asked what they like and dislike about most churches, and then their paticular church is then built around their responses, thus catering to the needs of sinful men and women and not on what God requires of us. Rick Warren, Bill Hybels and Joel Osteen were all mentioned as pastors who follow this methodology created by Robert Schuller. If you’re questioning this info yourself, do a Google search on any of these pastors and type in the word dangers or something similar along with their names and read what you find. It will shock you to find that this appears to be the truth. I personally believe that these ministers preach a great deal of truth, but the problem lies primarily in what they don’t say. You’ll be hard pressed to find their messages containing the righteous nature and justice of God. They don’t preach of Hell or Judgment Day, nor of personal sin. Sin, if anything is marginalized at best. Repentance must be insisted upon when accepting Christ, because without it we cannot be saved. You’ll also hear of Jesus being presented as a solution to our problems of life here on Earth. Surely this is nearly justified since people who accept Christ in such a manner won’t take Him seriously, will then pay him mere lip service and will never get persecution which takes place only walking in the Holy Spirit. Whether they or others do this deliberately or not is not my place to judge, but we would all be wise to use discernment and follow what scripture says on the matter.


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