Posted by: reignlight | April 7, 2006

The Here and Now

I haven’t written here in a while ever since I began working lots of hours between two jobs. Thankfully my schedule is leveling off now! Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to best integrate my iPod with my car stereo while working within a very limited budget. Actually, my Kenwood deck has been on the blink so I’m planning on upgrading at Best Buy if its beyond repair. This would also be convenient as it seems that Alpine’s new decks interface better than the Kenwood KCA-IP500 adapter. After researching online, evidently the Kenwood adapter is sluggish switching songs, and the only quick way to pick a single song is to unplug then replug after finding on the iPod directly or creating multiple playlists [of which it only can handle a max of 10 lists]. Needless to say, I only want this approach as a last resort. If my cigarette lighter were working I would consider getting the $30.00 aux cord that goes into the CD changer port.

Recently, I began downloading the Way of the Master Radio podcasts and have found them to be insightful when it comes to learning how to share our faith with others. Todd Friel does an incredible job when witnessing to others. The past few podcasts from April forward have included some rather intriguing guests ranging from this guy named Dan who used to be a Christian minister and now is directly defiant against God and even in acknowledging that He exists. More on this later as I need to leave to my next job…..


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