Posted by: reignlight | March 2, 2006

My life in the present…

This past week has been quite exciting for me. My wife and I, along with three other couples have started a married cell group within our church. Every other Monday we’ll get together for fellowship and to grow closer in the lord through teaching of the scriptures, group discussion and by implementing leadership skills. This will allow us to branch off into separate groups at a later date, after our core group introduces new members and we’ve finished mentoring our own chosen couple from within the main group. Our primary goal is to reach out into our community and gather in married couples who are struggling & who may not know the Lord, to build them up in Christ then lead them to salvation [Lord willing]. Right now we’re in the process of drafting a covenant to establish the guidelines we must follow in order to maintain Godly integrity within the group. A few components will include consistent scripture reading and journaling, intimate prayer with our spouses and accountability with one another. Julie and I will formulate a basic lesson on marital prayer during our next meeting, which will take place after our final order of business dealing with the functionality of our group. I’m very excited to see what God has in store for us and I’m looking to build many close relationships with those from our group

My heart, however is still in men’s leadership, primarily in training others, along with myself in local evangelism . If we don’t grasp the time God has given us to reach our society, it will continue to fall apart morally. Reaching this generation now is pivotal to ensuring we still have another generation of influential youth to follow in our footsteps. Jesus warned us that the generation preceding His coming will deny Him en masse, as in the days of Noah & Lot. As it sits now, moral relativity has already crept into our classrooms and colleges and is rapidly becoming the acceptable mindset of our youth.

Let me shift my train of thought for a moment….

By researching acts such as ‘Goals 2000’ and ‘No Child Left Behind’, you’ll find that schools in America have instituted what seems to be a globalist / socialist curriculum set out to destroy the minds of our children by indoctrinating them away from a godly American train of thought and belief system. Slowly we are being groomed to accept this New World Order which must be upon the earth to usher in a one world economic system, one accepted religion and a centralized global monetary system/ form of currency. If you don’t believe me, look at the signs surrounding us everywhere. Corporations are streamlining themselves to maintain profitability, and in some cases to even remain afloat. Privatization is taking place at a breakneck pace as companies merge in our tighter global marketplace. Jobs in America ship overseas where labor can be obtained cheaper and arguably, perhaps, at higher levels of quality. We’re slowly losing our leadership role globally, along with our respect with other countries. Heck, we’re practically teaching our own citizens to hate the US and to sympathize with Muslim nations and their way of life. Not only this, but we must not question the loss of our jobs to illegal aliens dwelling in our midst. They’re given de facto citizenship practically, contrary to the rule of law, at least here in Oregon. We even issue them driver’s licenses, strangely enough. Oh, and this allows for voting rights and unrestrained health care also. This, actually is one thing necessary for the US to enter a global form of government: our national sovereignty must greatly decrease along with our influence economically and otherwise. It’s true that we have no clue as to when Christ is coming back but it seems signs are coming true all around us that point towards a society filled with such lawlessness that must take place before Jesus returns.

Other quick indicators: a globalized economy, national ID cards in countries like Great Britain, Quick Pass ATM/debit/credit cards [short range or contactless method of payment instantaneously via radio frequency] RFID tags used to track & streamline merchandise shipment and inventory along with instant point of sale ramifications. > This and pricing in stores can change on-the-fly with supply and demand trends — already taking place [see Wired® Magazine, issue July 2004 pg.150]. Also, there’s a current article on a similar topic Wired: RFID- Sign of the (End) Times? 02:00 AM Mar, 02, 2006 EST

Rampant Identity theft screams for a safer way to monitor the transfer of currency and personal identification. Could it be any more secure than to place this into a single card for all purposes. Cybercrime will of course not make this system fail-safe but it will be pushed through nonetheless. Threats of terrorism, ease of use and security measures may force us to place this technology into ourselves directly This could also be instituted along with a national health care system which has already been discussed in the US. Place a small chip beneath the skin and in case of a near fatal car accident, they could quickly see your illnesses and all relevant personal data along with your physical history to speed up higher levels of medical care. These same chips could allow you to walk out of a grocery store and automatically deduct the proper funds from your checking account instantaneously. Your transaction history then could be fully monitored along with your buying habits. Oh, and GPS tracking could pinpoint your location if you’re ever kidnapped or if the government wanted to find you for some reason – if placed into the proper hands of course. Some employers are now using them for security door clearance in different departments. Closed Circuit cameras are also installed in several major cities throughout the world also, to monitor our traffic and crime [in the UK for instance] Schools in the US are now using Iris scan technology to allow school children into their buildings, in the state of New Jersey. The Bible tells us that pivotal time in human history will be as a snare to everyone who dwells on the earth.


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