Posted by: reignlight | February 25, 2006

Discerning the times….

Well, it’s now 8:10pm as I sit at work feelin’ a bit lethargic and somewhat bored by the lack of customers interested in buying product, or even talking for that matter. I feel very encouraged that Chris was impressed after hearing Ray Comfort’s ‘Hells Best Kept Secret’ that I’ve been prodding him about. Hopefully we’ll be able to springboard this passion and newfound knowledge to be true witnesses of Jesus.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of cynicism towards Christianity in general. This is likely in light of the fact that we, as individuals, see mostly hypocrites living a life unchanged before the masses. Why does this take place? Should we excuse ourselves from our mistakes merely from being immersed in a society that tempts us on all sides? To think that Christians are simply those who attend church on a weekly basis is to miss the whole point of why Christ came to this earth to spare us from a life of depravity, with a soul bound towards Hell. Are we left to follow a set of regulations and rituals to enter into Heaven, or should we do as commanded and life a life that’s changed from the inside in order to impact the lives of those who surround us? Sure, I’ve lived a life catered to my earthly desires, and still do to a large degree. The difference is that I’m seeking the grace of our God, and Lord willing, my life will be transformed daily into the image of who God made me to be… an image that abides in His spirit and is not swayed by the opinions and desires of men. I’d dare to say that 90% of the people who claim to be Christian are actually living a facade that’s deluded to the point that the individual has no clue how far they’ve drifted away from the faith that was laid before them the day they acknowledged Christ. God grant us all the strength to see who You are in truth and to walk the narrow path You’ve set before us. It’s all too easy to turn our eyes off of You. Give us a vision of Your grandeur and Holiness that will fixate our hearts and our minds on You. May we have the courage to stand for you, whatever the cost may be.


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